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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 52

Working Paper No. 52, 'Neither Dr Jekyll, nor Mr Hyde, Just a National Judge… National Courts’ Strategies of Resistance to International Law' by Apollin Koagne Zouapet has been published.

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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 51

Working Paper No. 51, 'Infrastructural Developmentalism and its Many Types of Global Law – A Comparison between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and China’s Belt & Road Initiative' by Alejandro Rodiles has been published.

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EXTENDED: Job Advertisement - Student Assistants

The Research Group invites applications for new student assistants. The closing date for applications is 14.01.2022.

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Postdocs and PhD candidates

Dr. Nina Reiners

Dr. Nina Reiners
Thielallee 69

e-Mail: nina.reiners(at)kfg-intlaw.de
Homepage: Nina Reiners
Profile: Short CV & Select Publications

Select Publications


Transnational Lawmaking Coalitions for Human Rights, Cambridge University Press (scheduled for publication in January 2022).

Peer-reviewed Articles

Reiners, Nina. (2021) Despite or Because of Contestation? How Water became a Human Right. Human Rights Quarterly 43 (2), 329-343.

Fleischer, Julia and Nina Reiners (2021). Connecting International Relations and Public Administration: Toward A Joint Research Agenda for the Study of International Bureaucracy. International Studies Review, online first: here.

Ratzlaff, Olaf and Nina Reiners (2020): Herausforderungen für Digitales Lehren, Lernen, Leben: Erfahrungen mit dem Hochschul-Hackathon [Challenges for digital learning, teaching, living: The university hackathon]. Hochschulmanagement 2+3, special issue Corona-Pandemie und Hochschulen, 78-83.

Reiners, Nina and Andrea Liese (2015): Nichtstaatliche Akteure in der Menschenrechtspolitik: von Normanwälten über Komplizen zu Infragestellern und Herausforderern [Non-State Actors in International Human Rights]. Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik 8 (2), 651-676.

Editor-reviewed Publications

Reiners, Nina (2020): Opposites Attract? The World Bank and the United Nations Human Rights Bodies, in: Augenmaß und Leidenschaft. Festschrift für Harald Fuhr, edited by Thomas Hickmann and Markus Lederer, Nomos, 99-109.

Liese, Andrea and Nina Reiners (2019): The Eye of the Beholder? The Contestation of Values and International Law, in: The International Rule of Law: Rise or Decline?, edited by Heike Krieger, Georg Nolte and Andreas Zimmermann, Oxford University Press, 335-343.

Reiners, Nina (2018): Kontroversen um die Reform der UN-Menschenrechtsvertragsorgane [Controversies around the UN Human Rights Treaty Body Reform]. Vereinte Nationen/ German Review on the United Nations 66 (6), 266-271.

Reiners, Nina (2018): Die Interpretation von Menschenrechtsnormen durch die Vertragsausschüsse der Vereinten Nationen [The Interpretation of Human Rights by the UN Treaty Bodies]. MenschenRechtsMagazin 23 (1), 5-14.

Reiners, Nina (2018): General Comment No. 15 on the Right to Water (2002), in: Quellen zur Geschichte der Menschenrechte [Key Documents on the History of Human Rights], edited by Working Group Human Rights in the 20th Century, available here.

Working Papers and Blog Posts

Barkholdt, Janina and Nina Reiners (2019): Pronouncements of Expert Treaty Bodies: From ‘Black Boxes’ to ‘Key Catalysts’ in International Law?; KFG Working Paper Series, No. 40, Berlin Potsdam Research Group “The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?”, available here.

Reiners, Nina (2019): Undermining Authority from Within, The Global, 3 January 2019, available here.

Reiners, Nina (2018): Giving Human Rights a Future: The Transnational and Transformative Character of a Business and Human Rights Treaty, Völkerrechtsblog, 27 July 2018, doi: 10.17176/20180724-155129-0

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