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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 52

Working Paper No. 52, 'Neither Dr Jekyll, nor Mr Hyde, Just a National Judge… National Courts’ Strategies of Resistance to International Law' by Apollin Koagne Zouapet has been published.

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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 51

Working Paper No. 51, 'Infrastructural Developmentalism and its Many Types of Global Law – A Comparison between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and China’s Belt & Road Initiative' by Alejandro Rodiles has been published.

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EXTENDED: Job Advertisement - Student Assistants

The Research Group invites applications for new student assistants. The closing date for applications is 14.01.2022.

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Postdocs and PhD candidates

  Franziska  Herrmann

Franziska Herrmann
Thielallee 69

e-Mail: franziska.herrmann(at)kfg-intlaw.de

Profile: Short CV & Select Publications

Short CV:

Franziska Herrmann is a research fellow and PhD-candidate at the University of Potsdam, working in the context of the Berlin Potsdam Research Group “International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?”. Her main interests within international law are refugee, migration and human rights law as well as the law of the sea and humanitarian law. During her law studies in Potsdam and Bergen (Norway) she took part in the EFTA Moot Court (2018) and in the Direct Studies at The Hague Academy of International Law (2020), before completing her first state examination in 2020. Prior to joining the Berlin Potsdam research group, she worked as research associate at the University of Potsdam. Currently she is co-organizing the joint conference of AjV and DGIR on the topic of “Jurisdiction – Who speaks international law?” that will take place on 3-4 September 2021.

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