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KFG welcomes new fellow: Prof. Dr. Janina Dill

The Research Group welcomes Prof. Dr. Janina Dill as new fellow.

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Upcoming Public Event: Book Discussion “The Refugee Convention and its Protocol – What Future Role for International Refugee Law?”

On 16 May 2024, the Berlin Potsdam Research Group “The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?” takes great pleasure in inviting you to the book discussion “The Refugee Convention and its Protocol – What Future Role for International Refugee Law?”.

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KFG welcomes new guest researcher: Dr. Alfredo Crosato Neumann

The Research Group welcomes Dr. Alfredo Crosato Neumann as a guest researcher.

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Prof. Dr. Andrew Hurrell

Prof. Dr. Andrew Hurrell

e-Mail: andrew.hurrell(at)kfg-intlaw.de
Homepage: University of Oxford
Profile: Short CV & Select Publications

Select Publications

Hurrell, Andrew, Cultural Diversity within Global International Society, in: Phillips, Andrew/Reus-Smit, Chris (eds), Culture and Order in World Politics (Cambridge University Press 2020) 115-136

Hurrell, Andrew, Beyond the BRICS: Power, Pluralism, and the Future of Global Order, (2018) 32 Ethics and International Affairs 89-101

Hurrell, Andrew, Rising Powers and the Emerging Global Order, in: Bayliss, John/Smith, Steve/Owens, Patricia (eds), The Globalization of World Politics (7th ed, Oxford University Press 2017)

Hurrell, Andrew, Power Transitions, Global Justice and the Virtues of Pluralism, (2013) 27 Ethics and International Affairs 1-17

Hurrell, Andrew, Effective Multilateralism and Global Order, in: Prantl, Jochen (ed), Effective Multilateralism. Through the Looking Glass of Asia (Palgrave 2013)

Hurrell, Andrew/Macdonald, Terry, Ethics and Norms in International Relations, in: Walter Carlsnaes, Walter/Risse, Thomas/Simmons, Beth A (eds), Handbook of International Relations (2nd edn, Sage 2013) 57-84

Hurrell, Andrew, Power Transitions, Emerging Powers and the Shifting Terrain of the Middle Ground, in: Navari, Cornelia (ed), Middle Ground Ethics (Palgrave Macmillan 2013)

Hurrell, Andrew/Macdonald, Terry, Global Public Power: The Subject of Principles of Global Political Legitimacy, (2012) 15 Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 553-571

Hurrell, Andrew/Sengupta, Sandeep, Emerging Powers, North-South Relations and Global Climate Politics, (2012) 88 International Affairs 463-484

Hurrell, Andrew, The Theory and Practice of Global Governance: The Worst of All Possible Worlds?, (2011) 13 International Studies Review 144-154

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