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Public Event: Thomas Franck Lecture by Professor Philippa Webb

On 8 September 2022, the Research Group will host a Thomas Franck Lecture by Professor Philippa Webb on “Not Reinventing the Wheel: Using Existing Exceptions to Sovereign Immunity to Enhance Accountability”.

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Video of Thomas Franck Lecture by Harald H. Koh, 2 June 2022

Watch the video of the lecture "Inside the Biden Administration's Approach to International Law and Institutions" here.

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KFG welcomes new fellow: Prof. Dr. Roman Yedeliev

The Research Group welcomes Prof. Dr. Roman Yedeliev as new fellow.

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Prof. Dr. Alejandro Rodiles

Prof. Dr. Alejandro Rodiles

e-Mail: alejandro.rodiles(at)itam.mx
Homepage: ITAM
Profile: Short CV & Select Publications

Select Publications

Coalitions of the Willing and International Law – The Interplay between Formality and Informality (CUP 2018) ESIL Book Prize 2019

‘The Global South and the Law and Governance of Global Security: Towards a Scholarship on the Global Ecology of Insecurities’, in Robin Geiss and Nils Melzer (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on the International Law of Global Security (OUP forthcoming)

‘What Kind of Rule Law Should Elected Members Promote?’, in Nico Schrijver and Niels Blokker (eds.), Elected Members of the Security Council: Lame Ducks or Key Players? (Brill Nijhoff 2020)

‘Executive Power in Foreign Affairs: The Case for Inventing a Mexican Foreign Relations Law’, in Curtis A. Bradley (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Foreign Relations Law (OUP 2019)

‘Is There a ‘Populist’ International Law (in Latin America)?’, Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2018 (2019)

‘After TPP Is Before TPP: Mexican Politics for Economic Globalization and the Lost Chance for Reflection’, in Benedict Kingsbury et al. (eds.), Megaregulation Contested - Global Economic Ordering After TPP (OUP 2019)

‘The Tensions between Local Resilience-Building and Transnational Action’, in Helmut Philipp Aust and Anél Du Plessis (eds.), The Globalisation of Urban Governance: Legal Perspectives on Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Routledge 2019)

‘Law and Violence in the Global South: The Legal Framing of Mexico’s ‘Narco War’’, 23 Journal of Conflict & Security Law (2018)

‘The Great Promise of Comparative Public Law for Latin America: Toward Ius Commune Americanum?’, in Anthea Roberts et al. (eds.), Comparative International Law (OUP 2018)

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