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Prof. Stefan Gosepath
Prof. Andrew Hurrell
Prof. Heike Krieger (Chair)
Prof. Andrea Liese
Prof. Andreas Zimmermann
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Berlin Potsdam Research Group
International Rule of Law - Rise or Decline?
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14195 Berlin
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Research Agenda

das Alte Palais

The Research Group examines the role of international law in a changing global order. Can we, under current conditions, still observe a juridification of international relations based on a universal understanding of values, or are we seeing a tendency towards an informalization or a re-formalization of international law, or even an erosion of international legal norms? Would it be appropriate to revisit classical elements of international law in order to react to structural changes which may give rise to a more polycentric or non-polar world order? Or are we simply observing a slump in the development towards an international rule of law based on a universal understanding of values?

The General Questions

Three Perspectives

For a more detailed project outline see KFG Working Paper No. 1, "The International Rule of Law - Rise or Decline? - Points of Departure".

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