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KFG welcomes new fellow: Prof. Dr. Janina Dill

The Research Group welcomes Prof. Dr. Janina Dill as new fellow.

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Upcoming Public Event: Book Discussion “The Refugee Convention and its Protocol – What Future Role for International Refugee Law?”

On 16 May 2024, the Berlin Potsdam Research Group “The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?” takes great pleasure in inviting you to the book discussion “The Refugee Convention and its Protocol – What Future Role for International Refugee Law?”.

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KFG welcomes new guest researcher: Dr. Alfredo Crosato Neumann

The Research Group welcomes Dr. Alfredo Crosato Neumann as a guest researcher.

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Lunch Talks - Archive 2016

1st December 2016

Prof. Dr. Heike Krieger
Freie Universität Berlin
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"Trumping international law? - The implications of the 2016 US Presidential Election for the international legal order“

24th November 2016

Dr. Björnstjern Baade
Freie Universität Berlin
“A Guardian of Discourse, or: What is the ECtHR doing for us?”

17th November 2016

Prof. Dr. Anna-Bettina Kaiser
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
"The decline of constitutional history and the historiographic turn of public international law"

10th November 2016

Prof. Dr. Bertram Lomfeld
Freie Universität Berlin
"A Discursive Grammar of Global Contract Law“

3rd November 2016

Alicia Köppen
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
“The Return of the State in International Investment Law - Comparing Developed and Developing Countries' Interests"

Julien Berger
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"Clash of Legal Regimes: International Investment Law in Internal EU Relations"

13th October 2016

Tinusch Jalilvand
Freie Universität Berlin
“The People's Republic of China - A Norm-Maker with Respect to the Freedom of Expression Online”

6th October 2016

Dr. Xiaohong Wei
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"Highly Politicalized Arbitration Tribunal and International Rule of Law: Reflections on the South China Sea Case"

29th September 2016

Dr. Marcus Payk
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
“The Paris Peace Settlement of 1919/20 and the International Rule of Law: A Historical Perspective”

15th September 2016

Dr. Felix Lange
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"Between Foreign Policy Advice and Systematization - Hermann Mosler and Western German International Legal Scholarship after 1945"

8th September 2016

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann
University of Potsdam
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
“Finally … Or Would Rather Less Have Been More?: The Recent Amendment on the Deletion of Article 124 of the Rome Statute“

30th June 2016

Internal Meeting of the Research Group
”The Implications of the outcome of the referendum on the membership of the UK in the EU, including on the research agenda of the KFG”

23rd June 2016

Prof. Dr. Wouter Vandenhole
University of Antwerp
“Human Rights of (Undocumented) Migrants in Europe: Rise and Decline“

16th June 2016

Tatjana Chionos
University of Bielefeld
"The transfer of norms from the national to the international level as exemplified by the general principles of law"

9th June 2016

Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn
Justus Liebig University Giessen
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"The Non-Proliferation Treaty and a Ban on Nuclear Weapons – Collapse or Complementarity?"

19th May 2016

Andreas Buser
Freie Universität Berlin
„Reparations for Historical Injustices as a Development Strategy: The CARICOM Claim for Reparations“

21st April 2016

Prof. Dr. Markus Heintzen
Freie Universität Berlin
“Treaty Override”

7th April 2016

Prof. Dr. Pavel Šturma
Charles University in Prague
“The principle of legality (Art. 7) in the light of new case law of the ECHR”

10th March 2016

Prof. Dr. Mattias Kumm
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
New York University
"Global Constitutionalism: Past, present, future"

3rd March 2016

Dr. Kerstin Leitner
Former Assistant Director-General, WHO, Geneva
Universität Potsdam
"Can international law work in spite of massive resistance? The Tobacco Control Convention - its purpose, history and significance”

25th February 2016

Prof. Dr. Christoph Möllers
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
“How to recognize a norm when you meet it”

18th February 2016

Prof. Dr. Wessel le Roux
University of the Western Cape
"Border controls, democratic legitimacy and the future of international law"

11th February 2016

Prof. Chia-Jui Cheng
Xiamen Academy of International Law
Soochow University
"The South China Sea Problem - From a Chinese Perspective"

28th January 2016

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gosepath
Freie Universität Berlin
"Normative (Research-)Perspectives on Global Justice and Human Rights“

21st January 2016

Prof. Dr. Dire Tladi
University of Pretoria
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"Jus Cogens"

14th January 2016

Prof. Dr. Bernd Ladwig
Freie Universität Berlin
“Human Rights Realization and the Division of Moral Labor“

7th January 2016

Prof. Dr. Markus Jachtenfuchs
Hertie School of Governance
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
“Evolving Internet Interfaces: Content Control, Cyber Crime, and Privacy Protection”

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