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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 52

Working Paper No. 52, 'Neither Dr Jekyll, nor Mr Hyde, Just a National Judge… National Courts’ Strategies of Resistance to International Law' by Apollin Koagne Zouapet has been published.

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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 51

Working Paper No. 51, 'Infrastructural Developmentalism and its Many Types of Global Law – A Comparison between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and China’s Belt & Road Initiative' by Alejandro Rodiles has been published.

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EXTENDED: Job Advertisement - Student Assistants

The Research Group invites applications for new student assistants. The closing date for applications is 14.01.2022.

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Lunch Talks

9th December 2021

Dr. Hallvard Sandven
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
“Self-Determination and the Regulation of Global Migration”

2nd December 2021

Jonas Püschmann
Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law
“States, Borders, and Migration - Enforcing Borders in the 21st Century”

25th November 2021

Prof. Dr. Heike Krieger / Prof. Dr. Andrea Liese
Freie Universität Berlin / University of Potsdam
“Werkstattbericht: Tracing Value Change in the International Legal Order - Perspectives from Legal and Political Science”

18th November 2021

Judge Prof. Dr. Liesbeth Lijnzaad
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea / KFG "The International Rule of Law"
“Election Time! Some Behind-the-Scenes Comments”

11th November 2021

Franziska Herrmann
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"The 1951 Refugee Convention as Living Instrument - Decline of a Treaty by Evolutive Interpretation?"

4th November 2021

Prof. Dr. Eyal Benvenisti
University of Cambridge
“Healing the Law on International Organizations: Some Lessons from the Pandemic"

28th October 2021

Dr. Sophie Duroy
KFG "The International Rule of Law"
"Humanity’s Last, Best Hope: The International Legal Order as the Regulator of Global Security"

7th October 2021

Emma Brandon
University of Oslo (PluriCourts)
“Cooperation with the International Criminal Court and Regional Human Rights Courts: Obligations of Non-State Parties under the Genocide Convention”

30th September 2021

Praggya Surana
KFG "The International Rule of Law - Rise or Decline?"
"Power and Hierarchy in International Law"

21st September 2021

Prof. Dr. James T. Gathii
Loyola University Chicago
"The Performance of Africa’s International Courts: Using Litigation for Political, Legal, and Social Change

16th September 2021

Lea Kuhlmann
Freie Universität Berlin
"The Status of International Women’s Rights – Are Women’s Rights in Danger?"

9th September 2021

Prisca Feihle
Freie Universität Berlin
"International Cooperation and Human Rights - An Ambivalent Relationship Under the ECtHR’s Review"

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