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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 52

Working Paper No. 52, 'Neither Dr Jekyll, nor Mr Hyde, Just a National Judge… National Courts’ Strategies of Resistance to International Law' by Apollin Koagne Zouapet has been published.

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KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 51

Working Paper No. 51, 'Infrastructural Developmentalism and its Many Types of Global Law – A Comparison between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and China’s Belt & Road Initiative' by Alejandro Rodiles has been published.

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EXTENDED: Job Advertisement - Student Assistants

The Research Group invites applications for new student assistants. The closing date for applications is 14.01.2022.

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Public Lectures and Other Events

28 October 2021: Thomas Franck Lecture by Cathryn Costello

On 28 October 2021, the Research Group hosted a Thomas Franck Lecture by Professor Cathryn Costello, Hertie School, on the topic

"The 1951 Refugee Convention at 70: Whither the Convention in the Global Refugee Regime?”

"When you do have a clear norm, you cannot say, let us dismantle non-refoulement, as we are going to get called out for that and you don’t want other states to violate non-refoulement either. But you reframe the issue [as hybrid attack]. And maybe this is so patiently transparently illegal that it is not going to catch upon. But on the other hand […] Ursula van der Leyen explicitly recognised that the EU was facing […] a hybrid attack.“

Cathryn Costello is a Professor of Fundamental Rights at the Hertie School and Co-Director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights. She is an expert in European and international refugee and migration law, and has written about EU asylum and migration law, international refugee law, and the relationship between migration and labour law.
Costello is also Professor II at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo, and is on special leave from her previous post as Professor of Refugee and Migration Law at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. She is currently the Principal Investigator of RefMig, a five-year ERC-funded research project exploring refugee mobility, recognition and rights. She has also done studies for UNHCR, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. She holds a DPhil in Law from the University of Oxford.

Watch the video of the lecture here.

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